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Nursely has been developed to fill a need in the care sector. Experience showed that there was a need for self-employed nurses and HCAs to better connect with care homes without having to engage with agencies. Similarly, care home professionals expressed they wanted to have access to the best staff without the excessive cost overheads associated with the traditional agency staffing.

After considerable research, and more than a year of development, Nursely was born. It’s aim is to simplify the process by which professional nursing and care staff can be engaged by care homes, allowing for flexibility and responsiveness to deal with urgent changes in staffing as they occur.

The result is a simple to use app which allows nurses to post their profiles, which are validated, and for care homes to access the required staff they need directly, immediately and with the minimum of cost and administration. Research and practical experience have shown savings of up to 20% on staffing costs and considerably reduced paperwork and admin overheads.

Nursely was a dream for the directors who brought their own experience, along with the input of many care professionals to create a system which promises to revolutionise the care industry.


We strive to create a future healthcare system where simplicity and value are core elements. We look to deliver the best value and most effective products to ensure that we can support healthcare professionals worldwide to achieve their aim of delivering the finest care.


Revolutionising healthcare through technology is our mission we have been striving to achieve over the past 12 months through careful research, planning and meticulous execution. The result is an amazing application, that equips care home and shift managers to post a shift in less than 10 seconds. The acceptance of a posted shift happens in less than 5 minutes!


We know that a software or application cannot function on its own, hence we have gone the extra mile in appointing officers in the towns and cities where we have a presence during our early release in January 2019. Because the application is something that the care industry has been waiting for through the length and breadth of Britain, we will be appointing offices in all the major towns and cities of UK during 2019. We are big dreamers and we want you to enjoy the amazing benefits of the app, hence you can expect to see a branch office near you in 2019.

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