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Care Staff- FAQ’s

No, there is no upfront cost or monthly fee payable. However, there will be a payment processing charge of 3.5% for every payment you receive after you have completed shifts with us.
Simply to ensure we can pay you for the shifts that you complete! All salary payments will be made directly into your registered bank account. All your sensitive information will be secure and we comply with GDPR regulations.
Shifts will be paid within seven working days, you will be notified when you are due to receive a payment and when it has been processed. Shifts worked from Monday to Sunday are paid on the following Monday so you get paid every Monday.
Yes, as you will be self-employed we require you to hold professional indemnity insurance as this is a requirement for nursing professionals working outside of the NHS. We can help you get the best deals from a number of selected providers, or, if you a member of the RCN you may be covered with your membership.
No, as you are self employed you will generally be required to provide your own uniforms and badges.

Care Home FAQ’s

No, only a small service charge for the staff you get through Nursely
Yes we are expanding fast and building our database so it's likely that your area is covered.
We have all the benefits of a modern app with the personalised approach of an agency. We have Area Managers in every town so you can reach out to them if you need help. If a shift is not filled within 1 hr of posting, our Area Managers will find an available person for you.
Yes, the app is simple and intuitive and comes with full online support. If you have any queries, just get in touch with our friendly support team.
Yes, we have worked hard to ensure the system is robust and that only the best staff are offered via Nursely. You have the service of both our online support team and local area managers to ensure you always get the finest service.
The app will send out a weekly invoice from the payment processing platform. The payment processing charges are borne by the carers and nurses so nursing homes don’t have to pay any extra charges.